Research Reports

The report delves into the impact of judicial decisions on freedom of expression
and the right to information, emphasizing a nuanced landscape where courts both protect and impose restrictions.

Pakistan’s marginalised religious minority (RM) groups are regularly ignored or under-represented by the mainstream media

This snapshot research is an effort to map digital footprint of Pakistan’s political parties close to general election and generate data and analysis on basic quantitative and qualitative aspects of their political communication
UN Action Plan on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity in Pakistan: 10-year review of influence and impact (2022)
The research study is an exercise to analyze the outcome of a five-year project, supported by the International Media Support (IMS) to strengthen diversity and pluralism in media in Pakistan.
This study aims to determine a snapshot view of the growing challenges to viability, sustainability and resilience of the indie digital journalism start-ups and how they are coping. It is an attempt to view the independent journalism start-ups landscape from the perspectives of its practitioners, analysts and media development supporters.
The review aimed at determining shortcomings and deficiencies in the existing legal framework governing rights workers, particularly media workers, in the aftermath of 18th amendment. It covers the legal framework relating to labour rights issues such as non-payment of wages, mass job losses and job security issues.
The report’s findings are based on a desk review of around 20 instances of cases and inquiries conducted under PECA against journalists and human rights defenders related to their online journalism or social media expression.
This report takes stock of the digital rights situation in Pakistan in 2020-21 by compiling a compendium of research reports published during the year by national and international stakeholders, including regulatory authorities, digital rights organizations and media freedom watchdog groups.
This research report aims to provide an in-depth examination of public interest news and information on the rights and lives of religious minorities (RMs) published by independent non-legacy digital publications and legacy media websites in Pakistan.
The primary purpose of this study is to provide a baseline assessment on the quantity and quality of coverage of RMs in Pakistani media. Its objective is to potentially improve capacities of media, including journalists, bloggers and social media actors, to better cover human rights and minority rights-related issues and perspectives.
Annual Review of Legislative, Legal and Judicial Developments on Freedom of Expression, Right to Information and Digital Rights in Pakistan
Annual Review of Legislative, Legal and Judicial Developments on Freedom of Expression, Right to Information and Digital Rights in
A three-dimensional ranking of Pakistan’s best and worst compliant provinces and government offices on proactive disclosure of information online.
An assessment of the poor state of compliance of the proactive disclosure clause of the federal Right of Access to Information Act by the federal ministries.