Salwa Rana

Salwa Rana – Programme Manager

Salwa Rana is a law graduate and a development professional with over five years’ worth of
experience in digital rights, media development, free speech, and online gender-based
violence. A graduate of the University of London, she started her career in the corporate sector.
Alongside her law practice, she taught several courses for the LLB (Hons) of the University of
London International Programmes. Salwa entered the development sector in 2018, working on
the creation and operationalisation of a legal aid network “Charahgar” for journalists and media
workers that were targeted for their free speech. Her work evolved further into advocacy for
media freedom, online privacy, and gender-related issues. She has also trained dozens of
journalists and lawyers on the state of media related legislation in Pakistan, along with
conducting several workshops on cybersecurity and online safety for social activists and
community mobilisers. She has also authored several research papers, focusing on law and
policy related to freedom of expression, and routinely contributes to digital news platforms on
matters at the intersection of tech and gender. In her current role, she is responsible for leading
all research, policy, and advocacy related work along with project implementation.