Syeda Kashmala – Associate

Syeda Kashmala is a lawyer and a media producer, based in Islamabad, specializing in pro-bono cases concerning women’s rights, rape, marital and domestic abuse. She is a founder of Aain foundation, working to ensure the delivery of justice and access to fundamental rights to all, especially the marginalized communities, a service that provides legal remedies to needy who cannot afford them. Kashmala has been part of the initiative Climate kahani, which tell the stories of climate change and its effect on the people by the people. She has worked with government and development organizations on the legislation and policy. She believes in the medium of consultation, research, group involvements and using of media to reach to masses to bring the change by including the ones who require that change the most. As an associate with the Institute for Research, Advocacy and Development (IRADA), she is contributing to its various research, advocacy and strategic litigation initiatives